What is PlaySonus?

PlaySonus is a free music platform that allows for sharing and discovering new artists. It supports independent musicians and connects music fans from around the world to discover new sounds and genres.

How much does it cost to upload a song on PlaySonus?

PlaySonus is a completely free platform for content creators to share their music without limitations or restrictions. It focuses exclusively on new, independent, and up-and-coming artists.

Does PlaySonus pay Verified artist?

PlaySonus has a “Artist System' that allows verified artists to monetize the music they post on the platform.

How many followers do you need to get verified on PlaySonus?

In order to get verified on PlaySonus a creator must have a minimum of five songs uploaded, reach a minimum of 10 followers and overall of 100 plays/streams on uploaded contents.

How many days does it take to get verified on PlaySonus?

The procedure is straightforward and provides you with a detailed guide on how to submit your application. After submission, you can expect to receive a response regarding your application within five to seven business days.

Why does PlaySonus delete my music?

PlaySonus removes content that it believes to be infringing on another person's copyright. This happens if an artist or label fails to license a song/beat, or otherwise does not give permission for it to be available on PlaySonus's platform.

How do I upgrade my PlaySonus account from regular user to artist?

Go to the top menu next to your profile and select 'Become an artist', and follow the instructions given.

Can you get copyrighted on PlaySonus?

We are required by law to remove any content that contains material from a copyrighted work belonging to someone else. Even if the work is altered, remixed, rearranged, or edited, the copyright still remains valid.

What is PlaySonus Pro?

PlaySonus Pro is a monthly subscription feature, with PlaySonus Pro users can; Upload unlimited songs, Get Pro Badge (On profile picture), Show their songs on Spotlight page, Download songs, Featured Member, Upload Channel Trailer, Create Events, Create Story, Sell Products, Unlimited Max Upload.

What is PlaySonus Advertising?

PlaySonus Advertising System is a money earning feature that users can use to advertise their businesses or music, users can post ads on PlaySonus platform, with our Advertising system users can; Upload Image Ads to home page, sidebar and profile pages; Upload Audio Ads, play audio ads before the song starts, charged by CPC; Pay by CPC/CPM.

How do I Advertise on PlaySonus?

Please navigate to the menu options and look for the 'Settings' section. Under 'Settings', select 'Advertising' and then select 'New Campaign'. Fill in the necessary information and publish your ads. Note that you will need to have sufficient funds in your account's wallet in order to create and run campaigns.

What is CPC, CPI?

CPC stands for "Cost per Click" and refers to the amount that the user will be charged for each ad click. CPI stands for "cost per impression," and refers to the amount that the system charges the user for each ad view.

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